Sleep Evaluation at APP


Do you have trouble sleeping, staying asleep, or feeling drowsy during the day? You may have a treatable sleep disorder. You are not alone and we are here to help! We know that sleep impacts both physical and mental health so we have partnered with Whitney Sleep Diagnostics & Consultants to provide our patients with diagnosis and follow up for all sleep disorders. Our Rochester office has two private bedrooms for overnight sleep studies that are quiet, cozy, and clean 

If you already have an appointment scheduled with the sleep lab then please click on the 'Sleep History Form' to complete and print. Please bring this form with you to your appointment.

Download Sleep History Form

If you are having sleep related issues or feeling excessively tired during the day then talk with your healthcare provider/mental health professional about a referral for a sleep evaluation.

We recommend you complete the 'Sleep Screening Questionnaire' so that your provider can best assist you. Please bring this form to your appointment.

Download Sleep Screening Questionnaire